MDF for Stronger Furniture

One of the most important and desired attributes in furniture is its strength to withstand heavy pressure and tension. While design and workmanship of the talented wood carvers and furniture manufacturers play key roles in this more...

Posted Date :- 22-08-2017 Author :- Harshita

MDF: The Best Wood Substitute

  Medium Density Fiberboard, MDF, is the ideal wood substitute. In recent years, it has gained plenty of popularity as the best composite material. MDF is not only uniform, dense, smooth, and free of knots but it has desirab more...

Posted Date :- 16-08-2017 Author :- Harshita

How to Paint MDF

Step 1: Sand the MDF When preparing MDF for painting, the first step is to sand it. Sanding the surface and edges using a good quality sandpaper removes any rough spots and protruding edges. Use a dry cloth to wipe away as much more...

Posted Date :- 01-08-2017 Author :- Harshita