MDF Board For Fridge And Sewing Machine Tops

  "For the safety and long life of fridge and sewing machines tops are made of wood to cover the product. Since, it is about safety you will require durable board to manufacture tops. MDF boards are compact, smooth and more...

Posted Date :- 27-06-2018 Author :- Pioneer Panel products

MDF Board For Exhibitions And Porta Cabins

  Ideas take shape with innovations and when it comes to exhibitions you need to put an attractive space to catch the eyes of the visitors. Henceforth, MDF boards for exhibition and Porta Cabins is an excellent wooden item t more...

Posted Date :- 19-06-2018 Author :- Pioneer Panel products

MDF Board For Handicraft Items

  MDF board is not just your usual board used for furniture. Its application is wide and can bring art to life. The medium density fiber is compact, leaves less waste and is stable on both sides which help in carving and cra more...

Posted Date :- 12-06-2018 Author :- Pioneer Panel products