3 Tips for Correct Storage and Handling of MDF

Medium Density Fiberboard, more commonly known as MDF, is used as a common replacement of timber and plywood due to its environment friendly nature and budget friendly options. It is commonly used to make furniture and as packag more...

Posted Date :- 28-08-2018 Author :- Harshita

Pros and Cons of Pre-Laminated MDF

Pre-laminated MDF gets its name from smooth melamine, which is applied on to the surfaces of MDF to make it water tight in a bid to avoid swelling. Pre-laminated MDF allows various patterns, colours and designs to be applied wit more...

Posted Date :- 21-08-2018 Author :- Harshita

Advantages of using MDF

MDF is a lot cheaper than plywood or wood. Since the MDF is consistent and smooth, it is ideal for drilling, machining, cutting and processing. This makes it a favorite for creating detailed designs like trims, scroll more...

Posted Date :- 07-08-2018 Author :- Pioneer Panel products