Advantages of using MDF


  • MDF is a lot cheaper than plywood or wood.
  • Since the MDF is consistent and smooth, it is ideal for drilling, machining, cutting and processing. This makes it a favorite for creating detailed designs like trims, scrolls, scallops and cut outs.
  • It is available in termite, fire and water resistant forms.
  • There are MDF boards for both interior and exterior grade usage.
  • The surface of MDF is very smooth owing to the fine wood fibers used and repeatedly pressed under high pressures. 
  • It is free from knots and joint defects on the surface.
  • The smooth surface of MDF provides a great surface for painting. This allows you to match the MDF boards to whatever colour scheme is desired by the users, thus facilitating a flexibility above other construction materials. 
  • It can also be used to manufacture veneer owing to its smoothness.
  • With a very consistent grain pattern throughout the MDF, cut edges appear smoother and are free from defects like splinters, kinks or voids.
  • These smooth cut edges enable you to create decorative edges and trimmings for beautifying any project.
  • It gives a stylish look at budget prices making this an affordable alternative for wood.

Posted Date :- 07-08-2018

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i require 5000 sheets 2.1mm\n8208267759


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