Medium Density Fiberboard, commonly referred to as MDF board, is made from eucalyptus wood fibers mixed with resin and adhesives. This mixture of tiny pieces of wood is then heated up and pressed together to create the MDF board. Pioneer MDF boards are made using advanced technology to ensure uniform density, which gives the board freedom from knots, twists, graining problems, air pockets, defects of waviness, or other bonding defects. The uniform density properties and high internal bond give the boards a smooth finish, making it ideal for carving, routing, painting and lacquering. It allows for finishing techniques along with intricate and precise machining making it a popular choice with Architects and Interior Decorators to beautify any interior, exterior or build furniture. With ecological conservation in mind, P Decor MDF boards are produced from 100% eco-friendly and agro-forestry timber. It’s not just wood. It’s better!

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