One of the most important and desired attributes in furniture is its strength to withstand heavy pressure and tension. While design and workmanship of the talented wood carvers and furniture manufacturers play key roles in this aspect, it is the inherent strength of the piece of furniture comes from the MDF used.

It is for this reason; PDecor uses a resin called urea formaldehyde. Urea formaldehyde resins are one of the strongest wood adhesives. Properties of urea formaldehyde include high tensile strength, flexural modulus (ratio of stress to strain i.e. the tendency to bend), high surface hardness, low water absorption rate, a high heat distortion temperature, mould shrinkage, elongation at break, volume resistance, and refraction index of about 1.55.

In addition to strength, water and termite resistant variants make PDecor’s MDF very popular with the furniture manufacturers, making it a vital component for building a stronger nation. It is is important to always ask the vendor what resins and adhesives have been used in manufacturing the material. Together, let’s build strong.

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