Top 4 qualities of MDF Boards supplied by best Pre laminated MDF board manufacturers in India There are various pre laminated MDF board manufacturers in India.

However among all; the ones who supply best quality MDF boards attract more eyeballs. An MDF board must have following qualities:

1. Durability: Using advanced technology; MDF boards must have high bonding strength and greater rigidity.

2. Termite Resistant: MDF boards must undergo various chemical treatments to make them termite & borer resistant.

3. 0% Latex: MDF boards made from timber and 0% latex make them ideal for surface finishes.

4. Eco friendliness: Must be produced from sustainable wood from agro forestry plantation trees having a life cycle of 3 – 4 years. Pioneer panel is one of the best pre laminated MDF Board Manufacturers. Our range of MDF boards is best to construct durable furniture and for creating unique decors.

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