Medium Density Fiberboard, more commonly known as MDF, is used as a common replacement of timber and plywood due to its environment friendly nature and budget friendly options. It is commonly used to make furniture and as packaging material among other applications.

With so many valuable uses, it is essential to know the correct manner in which the MDF boards should be handled. However, one of the common problems faced by dealers and consumers of MDF boards is the chipping, curving, bending and warping of the boards during storage. In this post, we’ll provide guidelines on how to store and handle the MDF boards to protect them from such damage.

1. It is advisable to stack the MDF boards in a horizontal position as opposed to leaning them vertically against a wall. This prevents the boards from bending and curving out of shape.

2. Stack the boards on a hard and level surface. Since many boards are stacked on top of one another, any uneven surface may damage or chip the MDF surface.

3. Align the boards in a systematic and organized manner so that the same size panels are stacked together with the largest at the bottom and smallest at the top. Misaligned panels may lead to stress on the boards and in turn cause warping of boards.

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