Nobody ever thought that even wood can have a worthy substitute. But Pioneer Panel Products has made it possible with a lot of hard work and patience. Our medium density fiberboard i.e. MDF Board is the best wood substitute. We understand the needs if the customers and have created this product with the best possible features.

•Our MDF Boards are completely free of knots or rings in it which makes it all the way more uniform.

•The board can easily be laminated and glued easily.

•Our boards do not create a hindrance while screwing the board, but we suggest you use the authentic screws with a coarse thread pitch or the sheet metal screws. This will not at all affect the strength of the board.

•In all the ways outboards not only portray the unique designer effects but are also very economical.

•The most important quality of our MDF Boards is that they are completely water resistant, not allowing the water to warp or bulge the board.

•The added quality of being termite and rot resistance add-on to its value.

•These boards are not likely to expand or contract like the wood boards which are a great USP for it.

•You can easily use various kinds of finishes over it, so that a beautiful furniture piece, partition, wall clock. etc. can increase its value and beauty. Just like wood have its own benefits, so does our MDF Boards. Now is the time that you must introduce yourself to the best quality MDF Boards by PDecor a.k.a. Pioneer Panel Products.

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