“Style is one such thing that never falls to disappoint you. Style oriented things are the one that remain in the “sold-out” section of every manufacturer. One such manufacturer is Pioneer Panel Products as we specialize in manufacturing the decorative MDF Boards. These boards are a combination of wood fibers, resin glue, water and wax resins. These constituents help to make the board stronger and durable. The decorative boards adds on to more features like: •more durability •improved sturdiness •unbeatable smoothness •makes it lesser prone to the undesirable atmospheric conditions •adds on to the quality of a certain amount of sound resistance •lesser joints. There many more perks and features to these decorative MDF Boards that will only be realized when you’ll use it in your products because words are just not enough to define its qualities.

Pioneer Panel Products manufacture the decorative MDF Boards in such a way that it can be directly applied to your retailing products without much effort. Some of the decorative boards include a sheet of veneer over it. Veneer is a sheet of thin wood slices of a thickness not more than 3mm. It makes your products look more worthy and royal. This helps to improve the life and stability of your products because it reduces the risk of warping and bulging of an MDF Board.

The decorative boards bring out the beautiful textures that compliment your living spaces in a better way. These textures make your furniture or artifacts look unique and more elegant. Since we believe in providing you our best boards, we make sure that our quality is uncompromising. Therefore after the basic manufacture of a decorative board, the process of varnishing takes place. We use the best quality varnish so that the grains of these boards stay intact and undisturbed. All of these qualities would definitely lead to pleasant surprises in your products for your clients.”

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