Most of the people are not aware of the fact that Medium Density Fiber Board i.e. MDF Board and particle board are not the same things. It is very important to understand the difference between the two because a lot of factors depend upon the advantages and disadvantages of their features. Pioneer Panel Products as the best manufacturer in India wants to state the clear distinction between both of them. This is because we want you to empower your knowledge to an extent where you could make a perfect choice regarding the material of further producing a •Furniture piece •partition •panels •kitchen cabinets and many more things. This is a cause of the fact that the demand of MDF has raised up to a par or sometimes even more than that.

The Comparison:

Medium Density Fiber Boards i.e. MDF Boards and Particleboards, both are the engineered boards. Both of them look very similar but has the sound amount of differences. •Particle board is made from the particles of wood or sawdust, whereas, MDF is made from the wood fibers. The main difference lies in the density of these boards. •MDF Board is much denser than the particle board and therefore are much stronger that it. Therefore, we suggest you use Best quality MDF board by Pioneer Panel Products for the fabrication of a superior quality furniture piece. This is because of the more the density, the more its strength. •These days the most severe problem causing element in our interior spaces is water. It is the root cause of dampness and almost all the materials swell or warp in such conditions and so does the particle board. In this case, we suggest you use our specially assembled water resistant MDF Boards. •Not only this, but our MDF boards are also rot and termite resistant with a perfect balance of its economical prices.


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